BAD award

The Bio Art & Design award is given to artists to, in collaboration with scientists, bring an inspired project to real life. From our side it started with speed dating artists that liked to collaborate with us as their project involved neuroscience. We (Floris & Floortje) entered this adventure with two talented artists, helping them develop their project proposal further and support them on the final day of presentations. Hung Lu Chan (Michael) was amongst the lucky winners. This means we get to help him reconstruct alien imagination mixing AI technology and fMRI:

Driven by curiosity, humans’ alien imaginations serve as a lens to perceive other worlds; however, they are entirely shaped by preconceptions. This project explores diverse alien interpretations, highlighting their sociopolitical influence on perceptions of otherness. Utilizing fMRI and Midjourney, our alien imaginations will be investigated personally and collectively by applying guided meditation to individuals and AI respectively. Ultimately, an atlas visualizing aliens from the internal worlds will be developed, prompting audiences to introspect their cognitive biases and perceptions of otherness.

Mark your calendar: 15th of December the BAD exhibition at MU art space (Eindhoven) launches!